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Elden Ring player helps 5,000 people beat the final boss

Elden Ring isn’t exactly an easy game, but one player has been working tirelessly for the last year and a half to assist players struggling to reach the credits.

Spotted by Eurogamer, Reddit user supersaiyanvidel - who goes by ‘LetMeSoloThem’ in-game - announced on the r/gaming subreddit that as of two days ago, they’ve helped a whopping 5,000 people take down the brutal double bill of final bosses, Radagon and Elden Beast. 

The fact that these two fights happen back to back with no break to fully heal or save makes them particularly challenging, especially since the second one - Elden Beast - has some particularly hard-to-avoid attacks. 

If their name sounds familiar, chances are that you’ve heard of LetMeSoloThem’s inspiration, LetMeSoloHer. LetMeSoloHer achieved online fame last year for helping thousands of players take down Malenia, who most consider to be Elden Ring’s hardest boss due to her fast and brutal attacks, as well as the fact that she can heal herself, inflict the dreaded Scarlet Rot (a health-depleting status effect), and has two back-to-back phases. Their character wore a signature pot on their head and donned no armor, a fashion statement which latest hero LetMeSoloThem has also gone for. 

Although Malenia is notoriously difficult, she’s an optional boss who’s not required to roll credits. Radagon and Elden Beast, on the other hand, are. In their Reddit post, supersaiyanvidel said of the players they helped: “I think they just needed a bit of a helping hand to get over the finish line. I don’t judge people on how they want to enjoy the game! It’s better than them giving up right before they get the ending they spent the whole game trying to achieve.”

Supersaiyanvidel also gave their thanks to those they’ve assisted: “It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I’m sincerely grateful. This marks the end of a chapter but I just wanted to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the players that summoned me.”

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