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How to watch the Nintendo Indie World Showcase today

Nintendo has announced its Indie World Showcase for 2023, which is scheduled to take place later today (November 14); here's how to tune in. 

If you're a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED owner then you won't want to miss out on the next Indie World Showcase 2023. Not only will it feature some cool (and cheap) indie games, but we'll also see some updates on previously announced titles. 

Nintendo of Europe announced the showcase via a post on Twitter/X: "Tune in for roughly 20 minutes of new announcements and updates on indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch".

How to watch the Nintendo World Indie Showcase

The Nintendo World Indie Showcase is scheduled for later today at 9am PT/12pm ET/ 5pm GMT. For those of you who want to tune in and see for yourself what Nintendo has to offer this time around, you can watch the showcase on Nintendo's official YouTube channel

Hopefully, we'll see some games that will be worthy of being added to our best Nintendo Switch games list. The last Nintendo Indie World Showcase was in April 2023 and gave players a first glimpse at Blasphemous 2 and updates on Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals and Mineko's Night Market after the latter's eight years in development. 

These are all fantastic games that were easy to get excited about, and hopefully, this showcase will be no different. Already, there are plenty of people in the comments to Nintendo's Twitter/X post announcement rialing themselves up about all the possibilities. 

It sounds like one of the games people are most excited to see news about is Hollow: Knight Silksong. This 2D Metroidvania souls-like was first announced in February 2019 and has been left with no release date since then. However, there's no time like the present, so we'll keep our fingers crossed that today's the day when we finally see some movement from Team Cherry and its beautiful platformer.

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