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Pikmin 4 sells 2.61 million units making it the best-selling game in the series

Nintendo has revealed Pikmin 4 has sold 2.61 million copies, meaning it's outsold every title in the series.

According to Nintendo's latest financial information detailing the second quarter of the fiscal year - the past six months ending in September 2023 - since launching on July 21 for Nintendo Switch, Pikmin 4 has managed to sell almost three million copies, solidifying it as the series' best-selling game (via VGC).

That's in just over two months since its release, beating out the previous best-seller in the franchise, Pikmin 3 Deluxe which launched in October 2020 and accumulated 2.4 million copies by December 2022. 

Nintendo confirmed that 1.36 million copies of Pikmin 4 were sold in Japan, which is around nine percent more than any other region, where it has reportedly been the best-selling title in the country for some time. 

The game also continues to be a top seller on the market, is regularly featured in the top five physical software charts, and has sold roughly 930,000 physical units in Japan alone.

In our four-star review of Pikmin 4, Kara Phillips said the latest title breathed new life into the franchise that was losing to time, adding that it welcomes "new players into a well-loved yet underrated Nintendo series, while simultaneously reminding older players as to exactly why they fell in love with the goofy world of Pikmin in the first place."

In other related news, the Nintendo Switch is continuing to show its popularity as it has now sold 132.46 million units since its release back in March 2017. This comes from the Investor Relations (IR) page of Nintendo’s Japanese site, with the milestone including every version of the handheld, such as the base model Nintendo Switch, the enhanced Nintendo Switch OLED, and the cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite

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