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Professor Layton and the New World of Steam launches in 2025

Professor Layton and the New World of Steam is scheduled for a 2025 release on Nintendo Switch.

Developer Level-5 has released an in-depth trailer alongside a new launch window for the upcoming game showcasing what players can expect from the next game in the Professor Layton series.

Set in Steam Bison, America, the story follows Professor Layton on a new adventure with his apprentice Luke, and from the new trailer it appears to feature point-and-click mechanics along with the distinct storybook art style the series is best known for.

Although the trailer is in Japanese, there are English subtitles supplied. A portion of the sequence plays out in the trailer depicting Layton and Luke talking to an inventor called Mr Eggmuffin who is unable to access his workshop, after which they go on to solve a set of puzzles to gain access.

Professor Layton and The New World of Steam takes place one year after the events of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future in the series' universe, which was first released in Japan in 2008 for Nintendo DS and later ported in North America, Europe, and Australia in 2010.

The Professor Layton series kicked off in 2007 with Professor Layton and the Curious Village, which was followed by Diabolical Box, Unwound Future, Last Spectre, Miracle Mask, Azran Legacy, and Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy, the latter of which released in 2017.

The series is incredibly popular and it was in March this year that it was announced that it had sold 18 million units worldwide, making it Level-5's best-selling franchise. 

Professor Layton and The New World of Steam is a long way off, but Nintendo recently announced its slate of games for next year, which includes games like Mario vs. Donley Kong on February 16 and Princess Peach: Showtime, set to arrive on March 22.

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