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Sega provides details for its mysterious 'Super Game' project, which is on track for a 2026 release

Sega's curious 'Super Game' project, originally announced back in 2021, has finally received a brief update from co-chief operating officer Shuji Utsumi.

While we're still not really sure what the project will end up being, we know that it won't be a single upcoming game, but several, with Utsumi initially stating that the Super Game project will involve numerous "triple-A titles that cross over Sega’s comprehensive range of technologies," adding that they'll "go beyond the traditional framework of games". (via VGC)

Now, in a recently-published annual report, Utsumi was able to provide an update for the first title within Sega's Super Game project. It's still not clear as to what this'll be, but Utsumi stated the company is "making steady headway in development of the 'Super Game' that we are seeking to create in the medium to long term". He added: "As the name implies, a 'Super Game' involves the concept of a game that stands head and shoulders above normal games."

Finally, Utsumi says that Sega plans to "create a game that builds a whole worldview involving the entire gaming ecosystem, including not only players but also streamers who stream the game and their viewers".

While Sega president Yukio Sugino mentions that the Super Game project won't bear fruit until the "fiscal year ending March 2026", we can make some educated guesses as to what shape it will take.

Utsumi's mention of an ecosystem that involves streamers and viewers brings to mind some form of online-oriented experience, potentially one that revolves around a live-service model. That might not strike you as immediately great news, considering Sega recently cancelled extraction shooter Hyenas, which was reportedly its biggest budget game ever.

We also don't know if the game will leverage existing Sega IP (Sonic the Hedgehog, Like a Dragon, Phantasy Star etc.) or be something all its own. We're still a good bit of time away from March 2026, so there'll be plenty of time to speculate as further details are hopefully released in the near future.

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