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Star Wars multiplayer squad shooter game pushed back again, this time to 2024

Zynga’s upcoming free-to-play multiplayer combat game, Star Wars: Hunters, has once again been delayed, and is now slated for release at some point in 2024. 

For those unfamiliar, Star Wars: Hunters is set to launch on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Set on the planet of Vespaara, players will battle it out in third-person combat using a variety of Hunters (playable characters), in modes like Escort (which requires you to move a payload) and Control (in which players must take control of an objective). Basically, it sounds quite a lot like Overwatch 2 but with a Star Wars coat of paint.

As Eurogamer reports, the title has been repeatedly delayed since it was first announced, having initially been expected to launch in 2021. However, it keeps getting pushed back, year by year. In the developer’s latest delay announcement, it stated that the “difficult” decision was made in order to “ensure we meet the highest level of quality.”

“We are thankful to all of our fans who have played Star Wars: Hunters in soft launch and have loved the engagement and enthusiasm for the game shown in our soft launch territories,” the statement reads.

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The team also explained that it’s currently working on “several exciting new elements” such as new core mechanics, a Ranked Mode, and future updates.

“Game delays are frustrating, both for fans and us as developers, but our top priority remains to ensure players have the best possible experience. We continue to strive toward that goal, on Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS devices.”

Beyond the vague window of 2024, it’s not known exactly when Star Wars: Hunters is now expected to release.

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