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Starfield mod stops the camera from awkwardly zooming in on NPCs when you talk to them

If you’re a Starfield player who hates being forced to make awkward eye contact with every NPC you speak to, your pain is finally over. Well, if you’re a PC player, anyway. A brand-new Starfield mod allows you to completely switch off the dialogue camera, stopping those awkward face zoom-ins that feel like they were pulled straight out of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Highlighted by PC Gamer, the ‘Disable Dialogue Camera’ mod is available to download for free, courtesy of modder Antonix35. It works in both first and third-person modes, so regardless of how you choose to play, you won’t be pulled into a staring contest with any of the game’s characters. In addition to that, the mod also allows players to move around while NPCs are still speaking to them, rather than keeping them locked in one place until the conversation is over. 

News of this mod has been well received over on the r/Starfield subreddit, where one fan stated that “immersion just got a whole lot better.”

“Dialogue camera was such a step backwards, hate it. This is so much better,” Reddit user Creoda wrote. “This actually feels better and more organic. Very odd that they would choose the ‘clunky camera focus on their face’ thing at this point,” cut_rate_revolution added

Bethesda’s new space-exploration RPG has already received countless mods from fans - some more useful than others. Back at launch, one modder altered the game’s flashlight to project director Todd Howard’s face, while another filled the city of New Atlantis with Stormtroopers

For those who love modding, Howard previously confirmed that official Starfield mod tools will be arriving at some point next year, too, which will help support the modding community even more. 

You can find the dialogue camera mod on Nexus Mods, but as with any unofficial download, be sure to exercise caution if you choose to install it. 

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