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Survival game Nightingale announces server stress test for early 2024 - here’s how to join in

Ahead of its launch into early access on February 22, 2024, Inflexion Games’ upcoming open-world survival game Nightingale is going to be conducting a server stress test, which select players will be able to join in early 2024.

For anyone unfamiliar, Nightingale takes players to the lands of Fae, a mysterious Victorian-inspired place teeming with eldritch horrors. As a Realmwalker, players must attempt to make their way to “the last known bastion of humanity,” the titular city of Nightingale. 

Being a PvE (player versus environment) game that lets up to six people play at once, establishing that the game’s servers can handle the action is key, hence the upcoming stress test. In a blog post announcing the news, Inflexion stated that prospective testers don’t need to buy the game in order to join in, they just need to visit its Steam store page and press the green ‘Request Access’ button to be in with a chance of being selected. However, this test is separate from previous Nightingale playtests, so even if you’ve been part of those before, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be let in this time. 

As for what to expect, it totally depends on how the servers hold up. Inflexion reiterated that “there are no bad outcomes” as the development team will gain important information regardless, but if things go smoothly, “We hope that all participants can connect to the Realms and enjoy the first couple of hours of the game without interruption.”

However, there’s a chance that some people may experience issues with their connection, or be unable to connect at all. Communication with the team will remain open in the official Discord chat

The exact date and times of the server stress test haven’t been announced yet - Inflexion says that more details will be revealed in “early January.”

During Gamescom 2023, TRG was able to confirm that despite being full of otherworldly beasts, Nightingale will thankfully feature an arachnophobia mode which will remove all spiders from the game. So, if you don’t like eight-legged arachnids, then you have nothing to worry about. 

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