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A Dragon Age: Dreadwolf 'full reveal' is coming in 2024 according to new teaser trailer

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has received a short yet tantalizing teaser trailer showing off several locations from the upcoming game while also promising a full game reveal in "summer 2024." 

The teaser was released as part of Dragon Age Day, a community event organized by developer BioWare. Though only 48 seconds long, the trailer shows off three new locations from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf which have only ever been hinted at in previous installments.  

For the most part, the teaser seems to be covered in an ominous purple fog. However, we are offered glimpses of locales that, presumably, will show up in Dreadwolf as well as the assurance that we'll get a "full reveal" in "summer 2024", which we can assume means somewhere between the start of June and the end of August 2024.

The trailer shows off the foreboding, gothic city of Treviso from the nation of Antiva as well as a colorful settlement from sunny Rivain. We are also given a glimpse of the Anderfels, which appears to be dotted with strange metallic structures as well as a lightning storm. Fans of the series will also recognize Weisshaupt, the much-talked-about but never-before-revealed home of the Grey Wardens - the heroes of the original Dragon Age: Origins, the first game in the Dragon Age series. 

You can see the teaser for yourself below.

As with any teaser trailer worth its salt, there are also plenty of mysterious voice clips for fans to dissect, too. "Glory to the risen gods, they've come to deliver this world," says one zealous voice, while another assures us that "all the world will soon share the peace and comfort of my reign." It looks as though we'll have to contend with religious fanatics and tyrannical monarchs - recurring themes when it comes to villains in the Dragon Age series.  

Since there hasn't been a mainline Dragon Age title since 2014's Dragon Age: Inquisition, fans have had to subsist off of a thin gruel of teasers for years now. However, it looks as though things are finally ramping up. Exciting times.  

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