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Baldur's Gate 3 writing director says Larian is "not saying no" to new races being added to the game

Baldur's Gate 3 writing director Adam Smith has confirmed that more updates are coming to the game.

Speaking on the Xbox On Twitch channel (via GamesRadar) Smith addressed someone in the chat who asked what's next for Larian Studios' award-winning RPG and said that the team is still in the process of working on patches and updating the game.

"Currently, we've not stopped updating the game," Smith said, "we're going to carry on updating it."

Smith also said that there aren't "specific plans" for adding new races to the game at the moment, "but we're not saying no," adding, "All I can tell you is that we do plan to do more updates, we're not done yet." 

BG3's Writing Director about future additions to the game from r/BaldursGate3

The writing director continued to talk about elements of Dungeons & Dragons that didn't make it into the game, saying that certain things didn't fit the campaign and the story the team was telling, while others "would be nice to think about later", but "there's a lot in Baldur's Gate 3 already but we didn't want to leave it be." 

Perhaps one of the most notable parts of the stream is Smith commenting on additional game content and hinting at "expansion plans" which he said he couldn't talk about. 

"We're very much thinking about our next things, but nothing to announce just yet," Smith said. He then cited Patch 5, which added an extended epilogue, and said "When we patch things like that they'll always be free, we'll continue to support with free patches and updates."

It's unclear if the developer was talking about possible DLC plans, but it's certainly something fans have been asking for.

Baldur's Gate 3 won big at The Game Awards 2023, taking home six awards including the Game of the Year

Due to time constraints at the ceremony, director and CEO of Larian Studios, Swen Vincke was unable to share his full speech at the time but has since posted it on Twitter where he shared his thanks for those involved in the process of making the game. 

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