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Baldur's Gate 3 Xbox saves aren't working properly say fans

Baldur's Gate 3's critically acclaimed fantasy adventure arrived on Xbox several days ago (December 7) in a surprise release as part of The Game Awards 2023. However, it looks as though the RPG's debut on Xbox Series X|S hasn't been as smooth as many might prefer. 

Across the Baldur's Gate 3 Reddit, players on Xbox have been reporting issues with their saves on Microsoft consoles. One user, known as loganburke, has discovered a particularly nasty bug, and it looks like they're not alone.

In their Reddit post, loganburke explained that, while attempting to load their game, "[Baldur's Gate 3] gave me an Xbox error stating that there was not enough room available to save the game. This is untrue as I have hundreds of GB of saved space on that drive."

The post itself has received over 200 comments so far, full of players reporting similar issues. 

To their credit, loganburke didn't take this issue lying down and has been experimenting with saves and reinstalls to try and find a solution. According to an update on the post, the Redditor found a temporary workaround for the issue. 

"Started playing again today. Three hours. I reduced my number of autosaves to three and quick saves to two. However, I haven't used Quick Save yet. As per what one other person suggested[,] I am deleting saves and making new ones each time (vs overwriting most of the time) and keeping my total saves no greater than five between manual and auto. Thus far, it is fine, but who knows."

Unfortunately, it looks as though this workaround isn't completely reliable, as loganburke said in a later update that "[I] had to reboot my Xbox completely." However, after they tried this, their saves remained accessible, meaning that there's hope for those suffering from this issue, at least until Larian Studios offers an official fix.

Fortunately, Larian Studios has a record of being on the ball when it comes to fixing the game's bugs. With plenty of updates, large and small, having dropped regularly since launch, it seems likely that players will be able to expect Larian to address the issue soon. That said, we've not yet heard anything official from the developer. In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes peeled for updates.

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