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Chaotic music game Trombone Champ has a new update with 2 fresh festive songs - as well as achievements on Switch

Holy Wow’s weird and wonderful trombone-based rhythm-music game, Trombone Champ, has been updated with two new festive songs just in time for the holiday season, expanding the library of tunes to toot through. 

Trombone Champ might be one of the silliest music games available to play right now. It was released in 2022 on PC, and later arrived on Mac and Nintendo Switch this year. Players are tasked with playing along to a variety of songs on their virtual trombones - with classics like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Flight of the Bumblebee, and new additions from the developer like Martian Killbots (a very different vibe there). However, it’s difficult to play anything without it sounding very funny, especially on the more challenging songs that require you to hit a greater number of notes and change pitch more often.

This latest update, which was rolled out yesterday (December 12), adds God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen, and O Christmas Tree to the mix, as well as a few other tweaks. For example, if you manage to get through a song without breaking your combo once, you can ‘Perfect’ it, which will bring up a new graphic on the score screen. 

Otherwise, the Nintendo Switch version now contains an achievement panel with 15 achievements for players to work towards, which Holy Wow says “is meant to mirror the Steam achievements that PC / Mac users can aim for.” It’s worth noting however that the PC and Mac version is home to 25 achievements, so it’s not currently clear what the differences between the platforms are, as they’re all hidden until unlocked on Switch.

“There are 15 achievements to unlock on Nintendo Switch, and getting all 15 will be absurdly difficult. If you can unlock them all, send us a screenshot! We'd love to send a prize to whoever can get them first!” Holy Wow tweeted.

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