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Dave the Diver's wholesome fishing to meet Dredge's sinister horror in new crossover

Feel-good fishing and restaurant management RPG Dave the Diver is getting an eldritch crossover with the creepy nautical exploration game Dredge. 

On December 15, a free DLC will be dropping for Dave the Diver, where players will be able to "explore new depths and discover exclusive content from the fantastic world of Dredge" (via Eurogamer).

Mintrocket, the developer behind Dave the Diver, went on to explain exactly what we can expect. "This epic crossover combines the immersive worlds of ocean exploration and thrilling fishing adventures, where you can encounter unique aberrations and characters!"

A trailer has gone up on the official Mintrocket YouTube channel, which you can see below. The trailer features some creepy diving, mysterious figures entering the restaurant, and plenty of ominous mist. 

Dredge, developed by Black Salt Games, has quite a different tone from Dave the Diver. While the latter is a wholesome, slice-of-life affair, the former boasts an eerie undertone that wouldn't be out of place in an H. P. Lovecraft book.  

According to its Steam page, the game has a "sinister undercurrent," inviting you to "explore a mysterious archipelago and discover why some things are best left forgotten."

Meanwhile, Dave the Diver's Steam page promises a "casual, singleplayer adventure RPG" full of "eccentric characters with a lighthearted narrative." To say that these themes contrast might be something of an understatement. However, given that Mintrocket's next project is a zombie survival game, perhaps this pivot towards unsettling horror isn't as unexpected as you might think. 

But while Dredge and Dave the Diver may have their differences, both lean heavily into these themes of exploration and secrets, suggesting that this crossover might work surprisingly well. We look forward to seeing the update for ourselves on December 15.

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