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Diablo 4's hardest endgame dungeon just got a lot more challenging thanks to this bug

Diablo 4's hardest endgame dungeon has finally opened to any brave players as part of the seasonal event: the Abattoir of Zir. For many, this dungeon release has been a long time coming and a lot of preparation has been going into ensuring teams have what it takes to face off with the game's hardest challenge. But, unfortunately, the launch hasn't been smooth sailing, and regardless of how much people have prepared - it's simply not enough.

Alongside the release of the update to bring this challenge to life, a bug has slipped through the cracks that's reducing the power of players by dropping their Glyph radius by one level. Your Glyph provides powerful bonuses depending on where you place it and which of its nodes you unlock in its radius. The larger the radius, the more powerful you become, making it a pretty essential tool for endgame content. 

For players who aren't quite there, you start to delve into the world of Glyphs once you've hit level 50 and started gaining Paragon Points instead of skill points. These can be used to increase the radius of your Glyph and increase its level, which is what most players have been doing to prepare for the dungeon since it increases your power. But, this radius is what's been targeted by the bug, and it feels like a huge step back for players who have put time into improving it before facing the dungeon.

Due to the dungeon's extreme difficulty, any lack of power is less than ideal, but this bug almost renders the challenge impossible for many. For players who have maxed out the level of their Glyph to 21, it won't feel like such a hefty blow. But for those who are stuck at 15 and still working away at increasing its power, you may have to wait until the bug is patched before giving this dungeon your all. 

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