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Don't throw your Stadia controller away - Google extends its Bluetooth support to the end of 2024

It's welcome news for owners of the Google Stadia controller, as they'll now have a whole extra year in order to switch it over to Bluetooth mode.

Until now, owners had just about two weeks to make the switch. But Google has since updated the Stadia controller webpage, which now makes it clear that users will have until December 31, 2024, to switch the controller from Wi-Fi connection to Bluetooth.

In our Google Stadia review, we cited the controller as one of its few high points. With an ergonomic feel and solid build quality, it allowed buyers of Stadia's Founders or Premiere Edition (or those who bought it separately for $69 / £59) a comfortable method of play with the cloud-based subscription service.

To switch your Stadia controller to Bluetooth mode, you'll need to head to the controller's webpage (linked above) and download a software update linked at the top of the page. And once you've made the switch, it'll be permanent. Thankfully, you'll still be able to use the controller via a wired connection regardless of whether you make the switch to Bluetooth or not.

One other thing that needs mentioning is that the connectivity is Bluetooth LE (Low Energy). This substantially increases the controller's battery life, but does mean it'll be limited in what it can connect to. Nintendo Switch doesn't support Bluetooth LE, for example. However, you'll still be able to pair your controller to Windows PCs, Mac, ChromeOS, and Android devices, as per the gamepad's FAQs page.

Overall, this is fantastic news for those who may have a Stadia controller packed away somewhere but don't have the time to dig it out to perform the software update with Christmas on the horizon. Know that you've at least got another year to make the switch to Bluetooth if you're still planning to make use of the controller wirelessly in the future.

The Google Stadia controller works well with many of the best Steam games and best Android games, so consider browsing our lists of those if you're planning on making future use of the controller.

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