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EA changes up Frostbite's logo as its teams are now "free to develop on any engine they choose"

EA's Frostbite engine is going through some changes, with the company introducing a new identity and "philosophy" when it comes to using it for game creation.

The engine is used internally to develop various EA projects, including sports titles like Madden NFL 24 and EA Sports FC 24, to shooters like Battlefield 2042. Frostbite was also used to create less well-received titles like Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem, so it's fair to say the engine produces mixed results.

Now, EA seems to be changing up how it approaches game development with the Frostbite engine. Spotted by Eurogamer, EA announced its "new look and vision" for Frostbite on the company's website.

"Over the years, the post reads, "we’ve been working hand-in-hand with game teams across EA to understand their development and technology needs better, prioritizing changes that create more flexibility for innovation and a positive user experience for developers.

"Frostbite is developed specifically for EA and we are deeply invested in building the best tools and technology for our games. In this new era, our mission is to unite and amplify the expertise and efforts of every EA game team that uses Frostbite, adapting to their unique needs in the way only we can."

Crucially, though, the post goes on to say that teams within EA "are free to develop on any engine they choose," adding that: "It’s up to us to make Frostbite the best choice for our games."

This adaption of other engines is already evident over at Codemasters, now owned by EA. The UK-based developer of games like Dirt 5 and F1 23 recently used Unreal Engine 4 for the development of EA Sports WRC. As such, this change to the Frostbite engine's usage seems to be a positive one, especially if it allows EA's development houses to prioritize working on engines they're more familiar and comfortable with.

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