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Epic reassures Fortnite fans that new Lego, Rocket Racing, and Festival modes will 'stick around'

Fortnite developer Epic Games has taken to social media to reassure fans that the newly added Lego, Rocket Racing, and Festival modes are not limited-time events, but will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. 

In a post on Twitter, the official Fortnite page confirmed that these new games wouldn't be going anywhere. 

"Howdy, friends," began the post. "Seeing some chatter around our newly launched games and people worried that they may not stick around. To clarify: these are brand new games entirely - not LTM's." 

'LTM' here stands for 'limited-time mode', referring to one of the many temporary events that Epic brings to the Fortnite melange to help keep the third-person battle royale fresh. 

The post goes on to confirm that all three games "are here to stay - with regular updates."

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Here at TechRadar Gaming, we enjoyed our time with Lego Fortnite, though it's clear that the game does need a bit of polish here and there. In his review, freelancer Jake Green called it "a solid swing at a survival crafting game, but will likely only fully come into its own after a few updates."

Despite its flaws, fans have taken to Lego Fortnite with glee, even finding ways to build functional vehicles in the game. One enterprising Twitter user, even put up a tutorial online to help players build their own amphibious vehicle. 

When it comes to Rocket Racing, Green seemed slightly less impressed, calling it a "rock-solid arcade racer that's lacking in the personality department. Its main hook isn't exciting enough to base a whole game around, and the selection of tracks offered up at launch is pretty forgettable."

As for Fortnite as a whole, it looks as though Epic's ambitions don't stop at these three new games, with executive vice president Saxs Persson expressing interest in a Nintendo crossover.

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