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The Finals developer isn't releasing a content roadmap because it wants to 'make promises we can keep'

The Finals won't receive a content roadmap because Embark Studios doesn't want to overpromise, its creative director has explained.

According to a new Axios report, the team behind the newly released first-person, team-based arena shooter is not considering releasing a content roadmap detailing its plans for the game to avoid promising more than it can deliver.

"We better hold off with that sort of stuff and make promises we can keep," said creative director Gustav Tilleby.

With the surprise launch of The Finals earlier this month, the game received its first battle pass featuring a plethora of rewards for players to unlock, and aside from some recent hotfixes and patches, Embark hasn't shared what its plans are for the game as we move into 2024.

Until new details are shared, we can only make predictions. Since the game features several maps that can be played across several game modes, it's a possibility that more will be added in the future, alongside new ways to play, perhaps even some equipment and ability changes later down the road. However, none of this has been confirmed.

We'll be right in thinking that players will also receive a new battle pass when the current season is over, which will introduce new rewards and items in the in-game store. 

Elsewhere, The Finals has been suffering from an abundance of cheaters recently which are making ranked matches almost unplayable. Following reports from players, Embark explained that it's been unable to address the ongoing cheating issues in the game due to a bug but a fix is currently being worked on.

In addition, the developer will be making improvements to its EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) system by adding further safeguards to the game to prevent more cheaters from interrupting matches.

The Finals is now available for free on PS5Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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