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The sequel to 1999 cult classic sci-fi game Outcast now has a release date

Outcast - A New Beginning now has a release date, according to publisher THQ Nordic.

The sci-fi adventure game, which follows in the footsteps of the original 1999 Outcast, is due to release on March 14, 2024, for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S (via Eurogamer). 

Outcast - A New Beginning was announced two years ago during the THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary stream event and, according to the game's Steam page, promises a "return to the spectacular alien world of Adelpha."

"20 years after the award-winning action-adventure hit, Outcast, pioneered the genre of non-linear open-world games, the long-awaited sequel sees Cutter Slade return," the summary reads. "Resurrected by the almighty Yods, he has returned to find the Talans enslaved, the world stripped of its natural resources, and his own past intertwining with the invading robot forces. It's up to him to go on a mission and save the planet again."

With this in mind, the title looks poised to offer fun sci-fi tropes along with plenty of exploration and combat.

Developed by Appeal Studios, one of the forces behind the 1999 original, Outcast - A New Beginning has reunited the team behind the classic to create a new spin on their open-world sci-fi formula.

Speaking with Eurogamer, the game's executive producer Michael Paeck made it clear that he wants the experience to be accessible. "We really want to keep it light in the sense that you don't have to optimize your build, or think about numbers, or grind for resources and whatnot. We don't want to artificially pad runtime, we want you to get to the fun easily."

Outcast - A New Beginning also follows on from Outcast - Second Contact, a full remake of the original Outcast. This means that those wanting to experience a modern version of Appeal's sci-fi adventure in its entirety can play the first chapter of Cutter Slade's story before embarking on the second once New Beginning releases in March.

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