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Forza Motorsport dev promises improvements to car progression and AI behavior in community message

Forza Motorsport developer, Turn 10 Studios, has addressed its community for the first time in 2024, commenting on the state of the game and some of its most prominent issues.

Taking to the official Forza Motorsport forums, Turn 10 developers shared a message that thanks players for their feedback and support since the game's launch last year. It also promised quarterly updates in the form of similar forum posts detailing "items the community is passionate about."

In this post, Turn 10 first focused on car progression, which it acknowledges " is a divisive topic among our players." In Forza Motorsport, car progression involves players leveling up individual cars simply by driving them. But, frustrations have arisen in that leveling can take a very long time, and some of the better upgrades, like engine swaps (allowing cars to reach higher classes), are locked away for a while. Turn 10 is vague about the planned changes here, but stresses it will be "resolving the issues many of our most dedicated players have with the system."

The post then touches on the game's online race regulations, admitting that penalties for deliberate ramming and pushing other off-track are often "inconsistent or unfair." To help improve the game's penalty system, Turn 10 confirms it will be working with professional Forza players to ensure it's "more accurate and reliable."

Lastly, the post addresses one of Forza Motorsport's biggest issues: its AI drivers' behavior. It notes some of the most offending behavior, such as "abruptly braking and slowing down; not accelerating out of exits, braking too hard on mild corners, and following racing lines too strictly." Turn 10 stresses improving AI is one of its major goals for early 2024, so we can potentially expect changing in the coming months.

Responses to Turn 10's community message have been mixed. While some in the comments are praising the developers' transparency here, others are concerned that the post is too vague and that changes won't be happening for at least a few months. In any case, it appears that we can expect improvements to the game throughout 2024, but they certainly won't be happening overnight.

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