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Metal Gear Solid star Solid Snake comes to Fortnite alongside his trademark box

Metal Gear Solid fans, it’s time. The Solid Snake skin has finally been freed from Fortnite quest reward purgatory, and is now unlockable for those who’ve purchased this season’s Big Bang Battle Pass.

We’ve known that Snake was going to be joining Epic Games’ battle royale since the start of Chapter 5, but Battle Pass owners can finally complete a series of quests in order to add the costume to their lockers. These have been detailed in full in the latest Fortnite news post, but they include hiding in cardboard boxes for a set duration, breaking security cameras or turrets, and using hiding spots. 

Did someone say cardboard boxes? Yes, to coincide with Snake’s release, the Fortnite battle royale island has been filled with signature boxes emblazoned with ‘THE ORANGE’, which fans of the Metal Gear series are bound to recognize. Players can use them as hiding places and even move around in them for a stealthy approach to combat. 

Also available now is the EMP Stealth Camo, an item that allows the user to become near-invisible for a short duration. It has unlimited uses but is still subject to a cooldown period, so players won’t be able to remain invisible permanently. You can’t attack other players while it’s in use, but, when it’s disabled, an EMP effect will be unleashed to stop vehicles in their tracks and deal damage to enemy players’ shields.

Elsewhere in Fortnite’s latest update, v28.10, the Anvil Rocket Launcher has been unvaulted, and the Super Level Styles for this season’s Battle Pass skins are also available, meaning that those who pass level 150 can grab themselves some shiny alternate versions of Oscar, Nisha, Hope, Valeria, and Montague. 

It’s also worth noting that several balance changes and bug fixes have been rolled out, including one for a major bug that could sometimes lead to players randomly getting eliminated when wandering around the cliffside in Snooty Steppes. Safe to say you should now be able to frolic around with peace of mind (enemy players aside).

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