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Minecraft partners with BBC to release a new world inspired by Planet Earth 3

Mojang Studios has partnered with BBC for a brand-new Minecraft Education world inspired by Planet Earth 3.

Starting today (January 16), Minecraft Education Edition players will be able to access the natural world influenced by the popular British documentary series, allowing them to explore new biomes and play as creatures that have been showcased on screen, including the great white shark, arctic wolf, musk ox and more. 

Players will start at the BBC Planet Earth 3 Field Station, where they'll be able to select from a range of different biomes, study the correlated wildlife, and embark on tailored activities. 

There are also challenges with unlockable rewards, as well as a way to alternate perspectives between various animals while exploring the wild. 

The 'Planet Earth 3 Minecraft World', which is now available for free via Minecraft Education or the Minecraft Marketplace, follows the record-breaking success of the Frozen Planet 2 Minecraft Worlds, that launched in 2022. 

"Minecraft Education is delighted to extend our partnership with BBC Earth, building on our work in Frozen Planet 2," said Justin Edwards, Minecraft Education's director of learning experiences. 

"The new experience of the natural world in Planet Earth 3 brings us closer to the animals and their surrounding environment. In this world, you will learn about animals from different continents, across sea, sky, and land, and how they survive and thrive."

The previous downloadable content (DLC) achieved the most downloads in a single day for an educational game in Minecraft history across 116 countries, allowing BBC and Mojang the opportunity for a new collaboration.

Matt Brandon, Planet Earth 3 series producer from BBC Studios Natural History Unit said: “We are delighted to partner with Minecraft Education and that children globally will have the opportunity to interact with stories inspired by the Planet Earth 3 series through immersive gameplay while learning more about our fragile natural world and the creatures we share this planet with.”

Elsewhere, Mojang has announced that the latest update for Minecraft Legends will be its last as the development team looks to shift its focus to something new.

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