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Princess Peach kicks butt and scales walls as a Ninja and Cowgirl in new Princess Peach: Showtime trailer

Nintendo has released a brand-new trailer for Princess Peach: Showtime showcasing two more personas, Ninja and Cowgirl.

Ahead of the game's official launch in late March, Nintendo has finally unveiled the remaining two personas that the titular character will be able to equip on her adventures. 

First up is Ninja Peach, who kicked off the latest trailer in style. Equipped with a black stealth suit, green scarf, and two kunai daggers, she can be seen within in-game footage hiding inside foliage to sneak up on enemies before jumping out for a surprise rush attack. 

From the brief sequence that was shown, it looks like Ninja Peach will also be able to scale walls as well, in a way that is reminiscent of platforming games like Metroid Dread.

Cowgirl Peach is what you'd expect from the name. This persona has the character decked out in full costume, complete with a hat and lasso, the latter of which can be used to grab and toss enemies.

Another few seconds of footage also showed that they'll be some sort of horse racing mini-game designed after a puppet show that'll require the player to jump over fallen bits of the bridge as they chase down enemies.

The trailer also went on to show off four more personas that have been previously revealed, including Kung-Fu Peach, Detective Peach, Patisserie Peach, and Swordfighter Peach, each with their unique abilities and looks.

Alongside the trailer, Nintendo revealed a brand-new set of Pastel Pink Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch, which will go on sale with the release of Princess Peach: Showtime.

Princess Peach: Showtime is set to launch on March 22 for Nintendo Switch. 

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