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Tekken 8's first DLC fighter will be fan favorite Eddy Gordo

The opening movie for Tekken 8 has been uploaded in advance of the game's launch on January 26, and while the cinematic itself is incredibly exciting for those waiting to play, the announcement of the game's first DLC fighter has temporarily stolen the spotlight. 

Eddy Gordo, one of Tekken's most iconic characters having appeared in every game since his initial debut in Tekken 3, is the first DLC fighter to join Tekken 8. With that said, we don't have a specific date for when we can expect Eddy to join the roster, but it has been briefly labeled as Spring.

At the end of the opening movie, we quickly look at Eddy's new character model alongside some behind-the-scenes mocap and animation. Unfortunately, we don't get a huge look at how his moveset has changed from Tekken 7, but we're expecting a debut trailer to be released closer to his launch in Spring. The full opening movie can be seen below, with the DLC announcement at the end:

Three other fighters are also expected to join Tekken 8's roster as DLC throughout the year, with blank slots for Summer, Fall, and Winter also being shown at the end of the trailer. We're none the wiser currently as to who will fall into these openings, but once Eddy is released we expect more news to follow as the seasons pass. 

There's a lot of potential as to who could debut as DLC, and with Eddy being such a fan-favorite character, we're anticipating some pretty big names to follow. Characters such as Josie and Armor King would also be some fairly anticipated releases into the game, but there's also a chance that slots could be filled with entirely new characters too.

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