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The Finals' latest patch makes aim assist less effective

The Finals developer Embark Studios has announced a new set of changes included in the most recent patch, which broadly tackle community issues with aim assist. 

Patch 1.4.1 is relatively small, including a few minor changes to The Finals. However, despite only including a few tweaks, it should stop aim assist from locking onto invisible players and lower controller accuracy. 

"Today, we have a small patch that addresses community feedback on aim assist, fair play, and bug fixes. These changes are the result of an in-depth review of how aim assist works — something we’ve only been able to validate with a player base as large as ours (thanks so much for playing our game, yolks!)," said Embark Studios in a blog post.

To find out more about said changes in full, read on:

  • Zoom Snapping Angular Velocity now has a max cap, preventing unintended rapid 90-degree turns.
  • Camera Magnetism will be reduced to 35% from 50%, making player aim less sticky and lowering controller accuracy.
  • Zoom Snapping Time will be reduced to 0.25s from 0.3s.
  • Zoom Snapping will be removed from the SR-84 Sniper Rifle, Revolver, LH1, and all Shotguns, as it buffs them more than other weapons.
  • Aim assist will ignore invisible players, fixing a bug with the existing system.
  • Clients running key re-mapping programs on PC will not have access to aim assist.

If you were hoping for a bigger patch that included changes to more than just aim assist, then you'll be glad to know that Embark Studios is planning to release another larger update sometime next week. This will include "a major security fix and some new exciting content," according to the blog post. 

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