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Warhaven’s online services are being shut down in April, less than 7 months after its early-access launch

Nexon is ending online services for its free-to-play fantasy PvP game Warhaven, just months after its early-access launch on Steam.

Warhaven entered early access in late September 2023, allowing players to team up and step into the shoes of a variety of unique soldiers, taking on foes in fast-paced combat across a variety of maps. Reception to it on Steam wasn’t fantastic - based on almost 6,900 reviews, Warhaven has a ‘Mixed’ user rating, although it’s clear scrolling through them that it still has its fans.

“Today, we are here to announce with a heavy heart that we will be concluding the live services of Warhaven,” Nexon wrote in a news post on Steam. “From the first alpha test in 2021 to the global early access in 2023, Warhaven has come this far, thanks to everyone's love and support. We want to express our gratitude for the love and care you have shown for Warhaven.

“To create a game that could be cherished and enjoyed over an extended period, we invested much consideration and effort. However, regrettably, we must bid our sincere farewell as of April 5, 2024,” it continued. “We apologize that we could not come to you with better news.”

Rounding off the statement, Nexon acknowledged “all the shortcomings,” but thanked fans for their support up to this point. “We will deeply cherish the warm affection and support you have sent towards Warhaven in our hearts,” it added.

Earlier this week, it was announced that the mobile Nier game, Nier Reincarnation, will be shutting down on April 29, almost three years after its worldwide launch. Its final story chapter will be released a month before the shutdown, and bring an end to the current story arc, The People and the World.

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