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World of Demons will soon be unavailable to play less than three years after its release

PlatinumGames has announced that its 2021 hack and slash action game, World of Demons, will soon be unavailable to download on Apple Arcade ahead of its end of service next month. The shutdown will come less than three years after the game’s release.

As spotted by Eurogamer, in a brief blog post published today (January 5), PlatinumGames stated that, as of January 18, players will no longer be able to download World of Demons from Apple Arcade. As it stands, this is the only way to download the title in the first place, as it’s available to play solely on iOS and MacOS (via Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV). 

After that, on February 1, “downloads of the game will become unavailable to play.” The developer added: “We extend our gratitude to all players who have enjoyed the game since release.”

World of Demons is incredibly stylish and has players step into the shoes of a samurai in a world filled with supernatural spirits and monsters known as yokai. 

“The game is set in a beautiful environment inspired by traditional Japanese artwork with gorgeous stages pulled from ukiyo-e woodblock prints,” the game’s official synopsis reads. “Along the way, they’ll meet samurai allies and a menagerie of yokai, each with their own techniques and combo possibilities. Players will expand their arsenal of abilities to conquer all foes that stand before them, ultimately facing the fearsome Shuten Doji, lord of all oni.”

No reasoning was publicly given for the decision to end service for World of Demons, but anyone who wants to give it a go before it disappears from Apple Arcade has a very limited time to do so.

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