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Baldur’s Gate 3 hotfix stops Minthara from exercising ‘a little too much independence’

A new Baldur’s Gate 3 hotfix has been deployed on PC, PlayStation 5, and Mac which stops drow companion Minthara from “exercising perhaps a little too much independence” and refusing to come along on your party’s adventures, along with a plethora of other fixes.

First off, Xbox Series X|S players, fear not - hotfix 20 is on the way to you, too but Larian Studios has simply asked that players “keep an eye out for further updates” on when it’ll be launched. So, it’s not exactly clear when it’ll happen, but just watch this space for now.

As for what hotfix 20 contains, as mentioned above, two of the most notable changes surround Minthara. One of these fixes makes sure that she actually follows your party properly during the game’s second and third acts, while the other allows you to remove her from your party after being escorted from the Moonrise Towers, as she could get stuck there. 

“Was Minthara exercising perhaps a little too much independence? We’ve fixed an issue where everyone’s favorite drow would simply decide to not follow the party in Act 2 or Act 3,” Larian Studios wrote in the latest patch notes. “You should find her more willing to fall in line now - at least in terms of keeping up. She’s still something of a free spirit.”

Otherwise, some extra crash safeguards have now been implemented to make sure that if one of your save files doesn’t load, you’ll be sent back to the main menu automatically. Another potential crash that may have been triggered by particularly “complex cinematics” has been ironed out, too, and an issue that sometimes saw characters tell you that they were too busy to talk to you has been fixed - amusingly, Larian said that the characters “were lying.”

There are a lot of other changes in hotfix 20, too - if you’re interested in checking them all out, be sure to check out the patch notes on Steam. 

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