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CRKD reveals the Nitro Deck+, an enhanced version of its superb Nintendo Switch accessory

Gaming peripheral manufacturer CRKD has announced the Nitro Deck+, an upgraded version of the already excellent Nitro Deck, that introduces a range of new features and some ergonomic improvements.

Originally released in 2023, we still consider the first Nitro Deck to be one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories on the market. In a rare five-star review, TechRadar Gaming hardware editor Rhys Wood branded it “an essential” purchase and praised its comfortable design and fantastic value price point.

Based on everything that has been announced so far, the Nitro Deck+ is shaping up to be a solid upgrade. Revealed as part of IGN Fan Fest, the most immediately noticeable change in the Nitro Deck+ is the shift to a symmetrical thumbstick layout. You can take a look at the design for yourself through the recent announcement trailer below:

This will be a huge upgrade for players who find the design of controllers like the popular DualSense Wireless controller to be more comfortable. In addition, this latest model has also made some room for two new ‘sidekick’ buttons. These buttons are positioned just adjacent to each thumbstick and can be fully reprogrammed with different inputs or macros.

Thanks to a new HDMI output function via an included USB-C to HDMI adapter, the Nitro Deck+ will no longer require an existing Nintendo Switch dock to enter docked mode. This remedies one of the major drawbacks of the original Nitro Deck, potentially making for a much more convenient all-in-one solution.

Similar quality-of-life changes have been made elsewhere, including new Bluetooth connectivity that will lead to smoother firmware updates. The eject system, which lets you remove your console, has also been updated to make the process of detaching the peripheral a little easier.

Like the previous model, the Nitro Deck+ will be compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch OLED. It costs $69.99 / £69.99 with pre-orders available now in two eye-catching semi-transparent colorways: Clear Black and Clear White.

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