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Elden Ring player 'Let Me Solo Her' may quit the game's hardest boss when Shadow of the Erdtree DLC arrives

If you've played any amount of Elden Ring, you may have heard stories of a player by the name of 'Let Me Solo Her.'

The character went viral after clips surfaced of the mysterious Tarnished using the game's co-op system to aid other players in fighting what's largely considered to be its hardest boss fight: Malenia, Blade of Miquella. And they do almost stark naked, with nothing but a Cold Uchigatana, the Rivers of Blood Katana, and the rather humorous Jar helmet.

Now, the player behind the character (referred to as 'LMSH') has caught up with IGN to discuss his future plans regarding both the Malenia boss fight and the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, which is currently set to launch on June 21.

Discussing the fight through email, LMSH tells IGN he's now logged around 1,200 hours into Elden Ring, and in regards to Malenia, has "probably defeated her about 6,000-7,000 times by now."

So many successful runs are bound to have any player wanting something else, and indeed this may be the case with LMSH. After thousands upon thousands of clears, he admits that "I've had my fill of fighting Malenias lol," while also praising the fight as a "great joy" to play through.

LMSH also talks about his excitement for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. "Soulslike games have a history of their DLCs being the best part of the game," he states, "and I trust that Mr. Miyazaki [Elden Ring's director] will give us another masterpiece to enjoy."

He also hopes that Messmer the Impaler, who appears to be the content's flagship boss fight, will provide as much of a challenge as encounters in FromSoftware's repertoire. Though he understandably remains unsure as to whether or not he'll continue soloing the content for other players.

"Everyone knows that FromSoft likes to make the DLC bosses the strongest (for example, Gael). I welcome the challenge and hope newer fans of the genre will also enjoy the difficulty as well," says LMSH, "I'm not too sure if I will solo the newest boss yet. I will have to see what the boss will be like."

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