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Imminent Tekken 8 update will add a premium shop while ranked cheaters receive a slap on the wrist

Tekken 8's v1.02.01 update is due to arrive later today, bringing some new features, character adjustments, and measures to combat online cheaters.

This latest Tekken 8 update, according to the game's official website, will drop today (February 28) at 6pm PST. That'll be 2am GMT on February 29 for UK folks. However, there's due to be a period of maintenance around this time, too, so players may need to wait a few more hours than the designated time entails.

It's a somewhat substantial update, adding the premium Tekken Shop to the game. The Tekken Shop offers new costumes for characters, as well as Avatar skins and other goodies, which are purchasable with Tekken coins bought with real money.

The first round of additional costumes has already been announced. They include Jun's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 costume, Jin and Xiaoyu's Tekken 4 costumes, as well as one of Kazuya's fits from Tekken 6.

The patch notes also make a note of addressing players discovered to be cheating in online ranked matches. The entry reads as follows: "High-ranking players who were reported multiple times and were found to have cheated were removed from the leaderboard, and their ranks were reset to beginner."

A slate of bugfixes and minor character adjustments have been added, too, such as showing unique icons when particular characters have entered special states like Asuka's Naniwa Gusto or Leroy's Cane Techniques. There are too many to list here, but they can all be viewed within the patch notes linked above.

As for the cheaters, many players might feel that the punishment doesn't go far enough. Sure, having characters reset to the base beginner rank will be a pain for them. But there's nothing here to suggest that the cheating has been prevented entirely. Still, this is likely to be the first step in an ongoing mission to keep cheaters at bay; likely a minor fix while we wait on a more effective solution.

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