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Nightingale studio admits that online-only play ‘can be frustrating’ and is already prioritizing an offline mode

Inflexion Games, the studio behind the early-access survival game Nightingale, has confirmed that it’s already working on an offline mode following feedback from players who weren’t so keen on it being online-only.

In a statement shared yesterday (February 22), the developer acknowledged that it’s seen “a lot of discussion” surrounding the decision to make the early-access version of the game online-only. It said: “We understand that this can be frustrating for a number of reasons.”

Despite the fact that players can dive into Nightingale either solo or with friends, Inflexion explained that it’d prioritized its co-op elements first, leading to the early-access version launching without offline functionality.

“Our vision for the game since inception was to create an interconnected series of Realms, with the idea of allowing for co-operative exploration in mind - a universe bigger than a single Realm or server,” it began. “That meant we made a choice early in development between supporting co-op from day one or focusing development on an offline mode.”

Furthermore, these co-operative elements were “more technically challenging,” and so they ended up being put first. “Looking back on that decision, we misjudged what some of you were looking for in your experience,” Inflexion added.

“We are now prioritizing and developing an offline mode that we plan to release as soon as feasible.”

Despite this change in strategy, Inflexion reassured players that it’s still working on other improvements for Nightingale, such as quality-of-life changes and bug fixes. It plans to share more on those updates “in the coming days,” so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

It’s already been quite a year for survival games. Palworld launched in early access to immediate popularity back in January, followed by Nightingale’s early access debut on February 20. Just yesterday (February 22), Sons of the Forest left early access and launched into 1.0 on PC, complete with an enormous list of new features and changes.

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