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Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t need to switch game engines and ‘can last forever,’ creative director says

Rainbow Six Siege’s creative director, Alexander Karpazis, has seemingly shut down the idea of the first-person shooter switching away from its game engine, and has claimed that the game can “last forever.”

As reported by PC Gamer, Karpazis spoke about Rainbow Six Siege’s longevity during a group interview at the 2024 Six Invitational in Brazil. At the time, he claimed that “we have probably one of the best engines in the world when it comes to live PvP shooters,” and went on to explain that switching engines can be more trouble than it’s worth.

“The idea of switching engines to something that can be off-the-shelf ready simply doesn't answer the needs of a really competitive and demanding game like Siege," Karpazis stated. "I'm not going to name names, but you see games that did go through sequels and just completely drop the ball because they have to remake every single thing that they did in that first game.”

He added that this can not only be “frustrating” but also “costly” and, on the whole, unbeneficial. On the other hand, the Rainbow Six Siege team sees success in simply building on what they already have, as they have done since the game launched in late 2015.

"We really do know that this is a game that can last forever with the people and the talent and the tools that we have today,” Karpazis said.

To be fair, the FPS has had a very solid run so far as it gradually approaches its 10-year anniversary next year. Over the weekend, Ubisoft released an overview of Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming ninth year, which is set to launch into its first season - Operation Deadly Omen - on March 12. All these years on, and it still sounds like players have plenty to look forward to, including two new playable Operators and the release of the revamped shield mechanics. 

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