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Remedy Entertainment acquires rights to the Control franchise from publisher 505 Games

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed it has acquired the full rights to the Control franchise from 505 Games, the company that originally published the 2019 title.

Remedy confirmed as such in an investor's post on its official website. The post states that "all publishing, distribution, marketing and other rights" pertaining to the Control franchise have been reverted to the Finnish developer.

"The Control franchise is in the core of Remedy," the post continues. "Having acquired the full rights to Control, Condor [a multiplayer side project for Control], and Control 2, Remedy is now in a position to make the right product and business decisions focusing on long-term franchise growth.

Control 2 was officially announced back in 2022, but there's been no further information on the sequel in the interim. Since then, Remedy Entertainment has also released Alan Wake 2, which launched to critical acclaim and several 2023 Game of the Year nominations.

Furthermore, development is underway on remakes for the first two Max Payne titles, as well as Condor, a multiplayer-focused title set in the Remedy Connected Universe (which encompasses Alan Wake, Control, and potentially Quantum Break).

This will likely be welcome news for fans of Control and Remedy Entertainment projects at large. The timing of the announcement is quite apt, too; earlier in February 2024, Remedy CEO Tero Virtala stated that Control 2 and other projects "have all increased development pace" due to Alan Wake 2's strong commercial performance.

Alan Wake 2 also has two paid DLC expansions on the way this year; The Lake House and Night Springs. While it's been confirmed that neither will lead directly into Control 2, creative director Sam Lake stated that they'll feature some hints about what's to come in the sequel to Alan Wake's sister franchise.

We consider Alan Wake 2 to be one of the best horror games released in recent years. And for more games of a similar vein, be sure to browse our best single-player games list for recommendations on more excellent titles.

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