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Helldivers 2's next campaign is against the bugs, introduces flying enemies and massive pesticide towers

Great news for fans of sci-fi violence; third-person co-op shooter Helldivers 2 has introduced a brand new Major Order, representing the next stage in the massive online co-operative campaign

Players have been tasked with securing four planets on the frontier from the Terminid insect swarm with the help of massive pesticide towers which will "inoculate each planet with Termicide, quarantining the bugs permanently" - that is, if the Helldivers are able to complete enough missions in time and fight off the new insectoid enemy types that have emerged in the meantime. 

You read that right. Players have been reporting that flying bugs have begun to appear on missions. When players reported the existence of these new enemy types, Helldivers 2 creative director Johan Pilestedt responded on Twitter / X in the style of the game's biting satire:

"I've heard rumors of flying bugs in Helldivers 2. I want to officially refute such preposterous claims. Everyone knows that 'Bugs can't fly'. And I'm not alone in thinking this. The Ministry of Truth agrees that this is propaganda from bug sympathizers that want to brainwash good people."

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In response, one observant Twitter / X user responded by highlighting a flying bug discreetly hidden on the Helldivers 2 box art. Doubling down on the joke, Pilestedt replied, claiming this was "image manipulation by traitors." 

In other Helldivers 2 news, Pilestedt revealed that some of the game's insectoid hordes can "smell" players. "If you're in proximity to some of the units that are that are very [...] aware like the Stalker, they will detect you, no matter if they can see you [or not]." 

Here at TechRadar Gaming we were very impressed by Helldivers 2's rewarding co-op missions and enjoyable progression curve. In our review, former editor-in-chief Jake Tucker said the game "delivers on the promise of chaotic fun through superior firepower" - a verdict that earned it a place on our definitive list of the best co-op games.

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