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Mouse and keyboard support is coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming - but some Xbox Insiders can try it now

Mouse and keyboard support is coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming, with Xbox Insider members who are part of the invite-only Alpha Skip-Ahead ring getting access to an early preview right now.

According to a new Xbox Wire blog post, the upcoming feature, which will allow you to control titles streamed from Xbox Cloud Gaming with a mouse and keyboard while playing on PC, is currently part of a limited Xbox Update Preview that is exclusive to the invite-only Alpha Skip-Ahead ring. These previews provide an advanced look at features that are intended to be released more widely in later Xbox software updates. 

If you are an Xbox Insider member and part of the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, you can enable this and other preview features by launching Xbox Cloud Gaming, clicking on your profile picture in the top right of the screen, navigating to the settings, and then toggling preview features. Mouse and keyboard control is compatible while you’re playing in both the Edge and Google Chrome internet browsers in addition to the Xbox App but there's a big catch.

The feature is currently only supported by a total of 14 games. The full list includes major first-party titles like Halo Infinite and Sea of Thieves in addition to some third-party releases including Fortnite, Sniper Elite 5, Atomic Heart, and Deep Rock Galactic. As the feature is currently in its early testing stages such limitations are to be expected and there are also a few known issues with certain games to contend with - such as a bug in Atomic Heart that makes it difficult to swap between controller and mouse and keyboard inputs.

Although there’s no official release date for the feature quite yet, its presence in the Xbox Update Preview suggests that it might be rolling out more widely sometime in the coming months. Either way, this is definitely a promising development that could dramatically improve the experience of playing Xbox Cloud Gaming titles, which currently must be played with a compatible controller, on PC.

A game streaming service that allows you to play supported titles in your internet browser or as part of the Xbox App, you can access Xbox Cloud Gaming with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. If you’re keen to check it out, visit our dedicated guide to the cheapest Xbox Game Pass deals to make sure that you’re getting the best price.

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