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PS5 Pro specs leak suggests a substantial mid-generation jump

Alleged PlayStation 5 Pro specs have been leaked online, and are indicating a significant jump up in power offered by Sony's as-yet-unconfirmed mid-generation console. 

A recent YouTube video from Moore's Law is Dead revealed details about Sony's PS5 Pro - or 'Trinity' as it is supposedly referred to internally - that cover a whole host of specs and details about the new machine from an internal presentation document.

Some specifics hint at particularly interesting and exciting boosts to performance, with a note on the presentation summarizing the capabilities of the machine stating: "When running on Trinity, PlayStation 5 titles can support higher resolution and frame rate."

The documents note that the PS5 Pro will be "about 45% faster than standard PlayStation 5" in terms of rendering power, while ray tracing is getting a huge boost of two to four times that of the standard PS5. There are also details included that point to a console GPU offering 33.5 teraflops of power - the standard PS5 has 10.28 teraflops. This is an enormous jump and represents something that we might see generation-on-generation rather than something incremental, as we saw with the PS4 Pro last generation.

Elsewhere, away from the numbers, there's also something called "PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution" mentioned in the document, said to be Sony's own upscaling tech, as well as "custom architecture for machine learning" and "PlayStation machine learning" that could see "support for up to 8K resolutions".

The information and reports have since been corroborated by Insider Gaming, and  IGN also understands the leaks to be legitimate, with both stating that the leaks have come from Sony Interactive Entertainment's (SIE) Developer Network. 

Naturally, with nothing confirmed officially, these shouldn't be taken at face value and as gospel truth. However, if a PS5 Pro console comes anywhere near this kind of leap in performance when it launches in late 2024 as rumors suggest, then this will be a significant shift for a mid-generation refresh.

With numbers like these, it's hard not to be excited about what this could indicate for the next phase in gaming consoles.

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