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The open world Terminator survival game finally has a name and an early access release date

A new Terminator game called Terminator: Survivors is on the way and is set to launch as an early access title on Steam on October 24, 2024.

Originally announced back in July 2022 as an untitled open-world survival project set in the Terminator universe, the Nacon Connect showcase that took place on February 29 revealed its full name and an early access release date.

The information comes alongside a new short teaser trailer, which contains about one minute of footage. Although no actual gameplay is shown, the trailer follows two survivors scavenging for fuel in an abandoned industrial building. They’re being tracked by a hidden T-800 robot, which advances towards the pair before everything cuts to black.

This doesn’t provide a huge amount to go off, but does suggest that the game is going to be set somewhere in the United States judging by the scenery. You can watch the teaser for yourself below:

The game has also received a new Steam page, which contains some more interesting details. Firstly, the game is going to be set in the same world as the first two Terminator films and follows an original story that can be experienced in both solo or co-op modes with up to three other players. Your goal is to build a base and survive against both Skynet machines and hostile human factions, uncovering new story details as you progress.

It sounds like quite a promising survival-oriented twist on the kind of open-world formula found in a game like Far Cry 6, with some additional tension posed by the looming threat of powerful robots hunting you down.

Although it will launch on Steam early access first, Terminator: Survivors will then be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at an unspecified date down the line.

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