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Fallout 4 free update bugged on PS5, with PS Plus Extra subscribers unable to access the new version – but a fix is coming

PS Plus Extra subscribers hoping to download the Fallout 4 free current-gen update have been left disappointed, after finding that the upgraded version hasn't been applied to the subscription service. Instead, those who have downloaded the game from the PS Plus game catalog are stuck with the previous-gen version.

As reported by GameSpot, Fallout 4 players took to social media to warn others that the current-gen PS5 update has yet to be applied to the PS Plus Extra download. However, developer Bethesda Game Studios is aware of the problem, and took to X / Twitter to address the issue.

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"We've seen some confusion regarding the free Fallout 4 next-gen update for PlayStation Plus Extra members," the post begins. "The Fallout 4 next-gen update will be available to PlayStation Plus Extra members through the PlayStation Game Catalog. Your patience is appreciated while the teams work on this."

As of now, Bethesda Game Studios hasn't provided a concrete date or time as to when the fix will be implemented, though we imagine it shouldn't be overly long before PS5 players can enjoy the free update.

There's potentially worse news, however, for players who downloaded Fallout 4 via PS Plus Essentials (the monthly rotating free game service) or the now-defunct PS Plus Collection – they might not get the update at all. 

In response to a question in the original post's replies, the official Bethesda Support account posted: "Fallout 4's Next-Gen Update will be available for PS Plus Extra members. We do not have any information regarding PS5 Catalogue or PS Plus Essentials."

It hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for the Fallout 4 free update on other platforms, either. While the game has been successfully patched on Xbox Series X|S and PC, Xbox players are reporting that the update has broken modded saves, and some mods available via the in-game mod menu have stopped working outright. 

What's more, the PC version doesn't seem to play nice with F4SE (Fallout 4 Script Extender), a mod widely considered to be essential for adding larger-scale creations to the game.

It's all a bit of shame given the renewed interest in the game following the massive success of the Fallout TV show on Prime Video. For more on the show, check out our interview with Todd Howard, in which he explains the reasoning behind some of the big changes made to bring the game to a streaming audience.

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