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Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly be larger than its predecessor and feature magnetic Joy-Con controllers

Another day, another Nintendo Switch 2 rumor. This one, however, comes from a reliable source.

Spotted by Eurogamer, Spanish gaming publication Vandal reports that, according to various accessory manufacturers, that the Nintendo Switch 2 will feature Joy-Con controllers that magnetically connect to the console. If accurate, this would mean both the controllers and the Switch unit itself would undergo a significant change, eschewing the need for that rather awkward rail connection system.

If you're unfamiliar with the source, know that Vandal has a proven track record for Nintendo Switch rumors. It was correct on numerous Nintendo Switch OLED features that it also learned from accessory manufacturers before the upgraded console's official unveiling in 2021. So while we must stress that these are not official details, they do come from a source that has been accurate in the past.

In addition to this new magnetic connectivity for the Joy-Con controllers, Vandal also mentions that the Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly be larger than the original 2017 console, though not quite as big as a Steam Deck. This lines up with earlier Nintendo Switch 2 rumors, via Bloomberg, that Nintendo's next console could feature an 8-inch LCD display.

Lastly, Vandal claims that the excellent Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be compatible with Nintendo Switch 2. There was no mention of a potential Pro controller successor, nor is it clear as to whether the original Joy-Con controllers will be wirelessly compatible with the new console.

Personally, I'm hoping the reports on magnetically-connecting Joy-Con controllers end up accurate. I keep my Nintendo Switch OLED underneath my TV, so it's a pain to remove it from its place whenever I want to slide the Joy-Con controllers out for multiplayer or games that rely on them like Ring Fit Adventure and Nintendo Switch Sports.

Furthermore, and this is pure speculation, but it could suggest that Joy-Con controllers for the Switch 2 may be revised and upgraded. The Joy-Con have famously caught flack for their poor build quality and tendency to develop stick drift. These issues could be solved with a sturdier, higher-quality build and the use of Hall effect sticks. Though we won't know for sure until we receive official announcements and details from Nintendo itself.

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