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Starfield director Todd Howard confirms Shattered Space expansion will release this fall

Starfield's game director Todd Howard has revealed that the game’s first post-launch expansion, Shattered Space, will launch later this year.

Speaking in a recent interview with Kinda Funny Games, Howard confirmed that players can expect the next big update for Bethesda’s space-faring role-playing game to release this fall (via PC Gamer).

Howard didn’t specify an exact release date for Shattered Space - which is set to add new story content, locations, and more -  but did reveal in a different conversation that a few other updates will arrive beforehand, one of which will be "announced in a few days" before it becomes available on Steam Beta.

The director also confirmed that the update has "some great stuff for shipbuilding as well" while also teasing another "big update" that is "coming really soon" to the game.

Details are sparse on this update, but Howard did say that the team "redid the map stuff, so we have some city map stuff", following player feedback.

Howard also discussed the Starfield Creation Kit which, like Skyrim, will allow official modding support in the RPG. He explained that there's no release date to announce just yet but said that it's "really, really important to us."

“We’ve delivered it to some people, some of our creators for Starfield,” Howard said. “You’re going to hear some information about that soon..."

"Our modders out there have been incredible," he continued. "And a lot of those, I think before the Creation Club, and now our new Creators Program, I think one of the great things is, we get to see them kind of 'go pro,' and move from hobby to professional. We've hired some of them into the studio, but more so the ones who are out there just like, hey, I can make a living now, making stuff that's really, really good content, I think those people deserve the attention, and the praise for what they do in our games."

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