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The PS5 Pro could offer a significant GPU upgrade per "accurate" leak

The reveal of a PlayStation 5 Pro seems all but guaranteed, though it’s impossible to say for sure what kind of hardware improvements any potential new model of the system would bring. That said, there are loads of leaks and rumors and one, now verified by Tom Warren of The Verge, suggests that the majority of the improvements would focus on the console’s GPU performance.

In a recent post to X / Twitter, Warren described how “Sony has made some interesting choices for its next console” according to PS5 Pro development documentation that he has allegedly seen. While not new information, he explained that the console’s CPU will “target [a] 3.85GHz [clock speed] (10% more than PS5) in a new ‘high frequency CPU mode’” with a separate “3.5 GHz standard mode” that matches the specification of the base PS5.

He said that developers "will be able to pick the mode, and also get access to 1.2GB more system memory," potentially offering small performance improvements in any compatible titles. This all lines up perfectly with the latest PS5 Pro specs leak and Warren claims that he “can verify” that this information is "accurate," lending it even more credibility.

While a 10% increase in CPU clock speed and 1.2GB extra system memory doesn’t seem like a particularly ground-breaking overhaul, Warren subsequently added a reply that stated the PS5 Pro’s GPU would receive a whopping 45% increase in power. This reinforces information from the previous leak and would be a major step up for the console.

A substantially improved GPU could finally offer proper support for 8K gaming, not to mention better performance in titles that feature significant amounts of ray tracing or other GPU-heavy features. Now that hugely ambitious games like Lords of the Fallen and Dragon’s Dogma 2 are struggling to maintain solid frame rates on the base console, this could be the ticket for those searching for the smoothest possible experiences.

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