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Todd Howard says Bethesda is now focused on "finding ways to increase our output"

Todd Howard has said that Bethesda Game Studios is currently focused on finding ways to increase its output. 

After releasing Starfield in September, Bethesda is now at work developing The Elder Scrolls 6. The role-playing game was announced back in 2018 and even though the development team has reportedly been "playing early builds", there's still no release date, reinforcing the idea that we won't be seeing the studio's next major title for a good few years at least.

During a recent interview with Kinda Funny Games, when asked about the timeline of Howard's work at Bethesda and what he still wants to achieve, the developer explained that he loves making games and that if he wasn't creating them, he'd be playing them. 

Howard also touched on the development to release period for Bethesda games, and currently looking for ways to shorten long wait times.

"You know, they do take a long time, and so I think one of the things we’re focused on here is obviously making sure they’re of the highest quality," Howard said, "but also finding ways to increase our output, because we don’t want to wait that long either, right. It’s never our plan, but we want to make sure we get it right."

"My hope is to do it as long as possible. I have no plans to retire or anything like that."

Howard has previously hinted that Bethesda is making plans for another Fallout game, which in theory would arrive after the release of The Elder Scrolls 6. The developer stated last year that he would've announced the next Elder Scrolls "more casually" when asked if he regrets announcing the game so early.

Elsewhere in the same discussion, Howard has revealed that Starfield's first post-launch expansion Shattered Space will launch later this year.

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