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World of Warcraft getting an Xbox release is still the 'dream' says executive producer

Blizzard Entertainment has said that it still hopes to bring World of Warcraft to Xbox consoles one day.

Speaking to GamesRadar during a press event for the MMO's upcoming The War Within expansion, executive producer Holly Longdale was asked if there was still ongoing talks about the World of Warcraft potentially coming to Xbox consoles following Microsoft's acquisition of Blizzard.

According to Longdale, the vision to bring the game to consoles is still alive, however, there aren't any conversations of it happening any time soon.

"The dream remains," Longdale said. "We're so focused on delivering what's on our slate for players and our expansions. There's honestly no room for that conversation yet. But you know, the dream is real."

During BlizzCon 2023 last year, the executive producer told the publication that there were discussions about the prospect "all the time" and in terms of the technical leap from PC to Xbox, she didn't foresee any hurdles, saying: "I think we're pretty well positioned, which is kind of why we talk about it." 

In November, Blizzard unveiled its plans for the future of the MMO, which it's calling The Worldsoul Saga and will encompass three more expansions including the first, The War Within, followed by Midnight and The Last Titan.

The studio later revealed the complete roadmap leading up to the release of the next major expansion and suggested that The War Within could see a summer or fall launch window.

More recently, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's latest content update received a brand-new limited-time battle royale mode called Plunderstorm. The pirate-themed mode allows up to 60 players per match and can be played solo or in duos.

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