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Latest rumored PS5 Pro specs suggest a big leap in power

New details have emerged about the rumored PlayStation 5 Pro, which suggest a massive increase in in graphics processing unit (GPU) power.

According to Digital Foundry, new documents have leaked for the upcoming console that indicate that its GPU will be much more powerful than the original PlayStation 5 and the PS5 Slim

More specifically, the next Sony console will reportedly feature a 227% teraflop increase, a significant jump from 10.23 teraflops to 33.5 teraflops, suggesting a huge boost in performance.

"On the surface level, that's an extra 227 percent of performance, except that the same Sony documents suggest only an extra 45 percent of actual game throughput,” Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter explains. “Part of the explanation comes from the RDNA 3 architecture with its dual-issue FP32 support, which doubles the amount of instructions processed, but which does not typically double game performance.”

It looks like the PS5 Pro could see an increase in ray-tracing performance as well. The GPU upgrade will also rely on how its cache structure runs, which will see changes. 

Leadbetter explains that the "4MB of L2 cache per WGP remains the same, while L1 doubles from 128KB to 256KB to accommodate the larger numbers of compute units per shader engine" - adding that the L0 cache will also be improved from 16KB to 32KB in order to benefit ray tracing performance.

In addition, the leaked documents reportedly state that the PS5 Pro's GPU will include DirectX12 Ultimate features that were originally intended to be featured in the original PS5. This will take the form of "PSSR upscaling" which Leadbetter says "could be just as transformative for Sony as it has been for Nvidia DLSS.”

Sony has yet to officially reveal the PS5 Pro, but it's looking more likely that an upgrade will arrive soon, with a report from March suggesting that the console will see a substantial mid-generation jump and will be "45% faster" than the original PS5.

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