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Microsoft killed Redfall right before the release of a major update according to new report

A new report suggests that Microsoft's decision to close Redfall developer Arkane Austin and cease work on the game came just before the expected release of a major update, with additional content also planned for the rest of the year.

The information comes from IGN, who were told that offline functionality, which would have allowed the game to be played without a constant internet connection, would have been added in an update this May. This was a long-awaited feature that has been in the works since a considerable fan backlash against the always-online requirement that dominated discussion throughout Redfall’s reveal period.

Importantly, the ability to play the game offline would have ensured some form of longevity. Without offline functionality, Redfall is at risk of being rendered unplayable in the event that the servers supporting the game are taken offline. 

A recent message posted to the official Redfall X / Twitter account claims that “while there will be no further updates” the game’s “servers will remain online for players to enjoy.” Still, it’s difficult not to take this with anything but a mountain of salt given the litany of broken promises that have surrounded the title up to this point.

IGN also claims that the now abandoned Hero Pass content, which was available as part of the game’s pricey Bite Back Edition was still in development and set to release around Halloween. A plan for some form of compensation for those unlucky players who have already paid for this now-scrapped content has been announced, though exact details are scarce at this time.

If you’re out of the loop, Microsoft is closing multiple studios including Arkane Austin and Hi-Fi Rush developer Tango Gameworks in a move that seems to have taken even the developers by surprise. Mobile studio Alpha Dog Games is also being shut down, while the support team Roundhouse Studios is becoming part of The Elder Scrolls Online developer ZeniMax Online Studios.

The number of staff impacted by these closures has yet to become apparent, but we hope that all of those affected are able to land on their feet. TechRadar has reached out to Microsoft and Bethesda with a request for comment, though neither party has responded at this time.

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