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New Horizon Lego sets could land soon according to a leak

The latest rumors suggest that Sony and Lego could be working on a new collaboration centered around the Horizon franchise.

Over the weekend, a post on the r/GamingLeaksAndRumours community was abuzz with talk surrounding a potential collaboration between Sony and Lego regarding a “well-known IP”. According to the post, the report first surfaced via the X / Twitter user ‘Kurakasis’ who said that the “announcement is expected soon”. 

While they didn’t provide any further details regarding the kind of collaboration in the works, this user does have a fairly decent track record when it comes to leaks. For example, they previously posted about the existence of Sonic X Shadow Generations, revealing its then-unknown title a day before its official announcement.

This cryptic initial tease was then expanded upon by long-time video game leaker Tom Henderson, who added that “there's a Lego Horizon trailer that's ready to go” and indicated that it would likely appear at an upcoming PlayStation Showcase. While we don’t have a firm date for the next PlayStation Showcase at this time, it seems likely that it’s going to occur sooner, rather than later, if this statement is accurate.

We’re also currently unsure whether this rumored collaboration would entail new Lego sets or a new Lego video game. Although pure speculation, we’re definitely leaning towards the former as the popular construction toy brand is no stranger to recreating elements from the Horizon franchise in its models.

Lego launched a licensed model of the towering Tallneck robot from Horizon Forbidden West back in 2022, complete with its own adorable Aloy minifigure. It was an impressive model that seems fairly popular among both seasoned Lego aficionados and fans of the games, so it’s not difficult to imagine the company developing a full Horizon product line in the near future.

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