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PDP reveals limited edition fight sticks inspired by Tekken 8 and The King of Fighters

Gaming accessories manufacturer PDP has revealed a range of new limited edition versions of the Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick with designs inspired by characters from top fighting game franchises.

The first is The King of Fighters Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick, which comes in four colorful versions each focused on a prominent character from the series. This includes the purple Lori edition, the red Terry edition, the yellow Kyo edition, and the baby blue Shun’ei edition. Each is available now for $499.99 via the PDP website and is limited to 250 units.

The other is the Tekken 8 Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick, which will launch in August and will be available in six unique Tekken 8 character designs. This includes the blue King edition, the bright yellow Law edition, the purple Kazuya edition, the plainer black Jin edition, and, my personal favorite, the adorable pink Lili edition. They will also cost $499.99 and be limited to 300 units each.

No matter your choice of design, you’re getting a premium fight stick with an aluminum shell etched with the art of the character and special limited-edition numbering denoting which unit you own. Each fight stick also features a platform selection switch and it is compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC out of the box.

We were very impressed with the original version of this fight stick in our Victrix Pro FS review where it was awarded a glowing four and a half out of five stars and still consider it to be one of the best fight sticks right now.

In addition to the seriously impressive quality of the construction of the stick, we loved its ease of modification and use of premium Sanwa Denshi parts.

The entire package certainly does not come cheap, however, but we still think that it's definitely a worthwhile investment for serious fighting game fans who have the budget. These limited edition versions seem like a good option for avid fight stick collectors or seriously committed fans of either franchise.

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