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Sony has reportedly created a PC adapter for PSVR 2

A new certification from the Korean Radio Research Agency, a national regulatory body that oversees radio and communications equipment, suggests that Sony has created a PC adapter for the PSVR 2.

As spotted by virtual reality (VR) influencer Brad Lynch, the certification pertains to a product that is manufactured by a regional subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment and is called the “PlayStationVR2 PC adapter.” Although this could be anything, the name would heavily suggest that it is an adapter designed to enable the PSVR 2 VR headset, which was originally designed for the PlayStation 5, to work with a PC.

This discovery comes off the back of the official confirmation that the PVSR 2 was being tested to support PC games back in February this year. The adapter will presumably enable the PSVR 2 to work with certain PC games on platforms such as Steam in a similar fashion to other VR headsets.

The idea that a PC adapter could be arriving soon is a bit of a glimmer of hope in what has otherwise been a pretty disappointing year for PSVR 2 owners. Beyond a few excellent launch titles like Horizon: Call of the Mountain, the pricey headset has received few desirable games and has largely been outclassed in terms of library variety and general versatility by much cheaper alternatives like the Meta Quest 3. 

PC support would allow existing owners to squeeze a little more value out of their headsets, potentially granting access to many of the best VR games on PC like Half-Life: Alyx

Although the peripheral has undeniably been let down on the software front, we were very pleased with the PSVR 2 back when it launched and still consider it to be on of the best VR headsets right now. We awarded the headset four and a half out of five stars in our PSVR 2 review, lavishing praise on the incredibly straightforward setup process, excellent level of responsiveness, comfortable design, and brilliant visual fidelity. 

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