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This sinister Omen gaming PC build just might keep you up at night

PC building is more than just a means to an end. For some, it's a bonafide hobby, and no more is that evident than when PC builders get creative, with truly chilling results. 

As highlighted by PCGamesN, one user from its PC-building social media page has taken an Omen build to the next level featuring the newly released PowerColor Red Devil RX 7800 XT graphics card to great effect. 

PC builder Marios Dalainos designed the rig around the new black and red mid-range graphics card complete with its glowing red RGB lending a possessed aesthetic. What's more, forget a vertical GPU mount, this video card's suspended by asymmetric chains and locked behind bars. Someone should call the Doom Slayer.

While the machine may seem scary, its specifications are more on the tame side. Dalainos chose to run the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU with the aforementioned RX 7800 XT variant, 1TB Samsung 980 SSD, and TeamGroup T-Force Vulcan Z 32GB RAM clocked at 3600 MHz. 

What's more interesting is the actual building process itself. Dalainos used modeling clay to create the dingy dungeon-like environment but had to move quickly as he found it was drying rapidly. However, the bulk of the building time was spent positioning the GPU in such a way that it would best highlight the design in all its gnarly glory. 

It's a machine that you certainly don't see every day and the perfect gaming PC to go through a run of Diablo 4, Doom Eternal, and the slew of horror titles available on Steam; it's perfect for a late night gaming sessions, provided it doesn't give you nightmares. 

A change from the standard-looking gaming PC

While many of us enjoy putting gaming PCs together, there's a level of standardization that has cropped up as most components nowadays are a more uniform black than subsidized by RGB lighting. 

Builds like this custom Omen design help to bring a splash of color and a level of imagination that shows just how creative you can get with a little modeling clay, a brush, and a couple of hours of spare time. 

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